Scented Wax Tablet - Diamond- Lavender

Kourage & Co.



MOQ: $300


Our scented wax tablet can be used to refresh your home and impart a lovely fragrance to your linens or clothes. Hang in the entryway, tuck in a drawer, or loop around a hanger in your closet.

Lavender – bergamot | lemon | French lavender & amber

Measures - 8cm x 5 cm | Wt - 30grms 

This wax tablet is made from 100% natural soy wax and fragrance oil. Designed for use in small spaces such as dressers, closets, on door handles. Must be kept out of direct sunlight and stored at room temperature. Please avoid direct contact with clothing.

When the scent begins to fade, you can give the tablet a second life by breaking the tablet into small pieces to melt in a wax warmer.