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Established in 2014, bee one of a kind offers a collection of handcrafted natural bath and body products designed to inspire women to prioritize their well being and practice self kindness.

As women, we often feel the weight that comes with motherhood, relationships, family, career and society's ideals.  We are known to go above and beyond our core responsibilities and too often, leave ourselves last on our list of priorities.

Like the Queen Bee to a hive, she is the heart and soul of her bee colony. The wellness of her hive is dependent on the well-being of the Queen Bee.

Simply put, one cannot pour from an empty cup.

Hello and welcome! I'm Melissa Mendes, Founder here at bee one of a kind. My vision at bee one of a kind is to create the opportunity for women to pause and take moments to reclaim, rejuvenate and replenish ourselves. To honor and preserve our inner Queen Bee.

Our products are made here in Melbourne, using locally sourced ingredients and packaged with sustainability in mind. Our aim is simple- to provide eco friendly, uncomplicated yet sophisticated products for one-of-a-kind women.

 Bee one of a kind was featured in Broadsheet recognized as one of the top Home Spa beauty brands in Australia.

Want to connect with Bee One Of A Kind to learn more before you order? Just leave us a message in the chat and we’ll set this up for you.

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