Caim & Able



MOQ: $150


Silk Eye Masks For A Better Nights Sleep. Indulge in the unmistakable luxury of silk. At CAIM & ABLE, we know how important our beauty sleep is, so we've sourced the best quality sleep mask possible!

Made from pure mulberry silk, widely renowned as the highest quality silk, softly padded, gentle on your skin so that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning.

We’ve also given you a choice of 3 gorgeous colours (Black, Pink and Silver) that all have a black silk back to block even more light and we have even used custom eco-conscious gift wrapping, which means this CAIM & ABLE eye mask is not only a very special gift but a luxurious sleep mask to help improve your sleep.

  • PREMIUM SILK 100% Pure Mulberry Silk in High Quality 22 momme

  • ADJUSTABLE Strap Adjusts to fit head size 48cm to 68cm. The strap itself is soft and adjustable to fit any size head.

  • DEEP SLEEP Wearing an Eye Mask Improves Sleep Quality

  • BLOCK OUT Specifically designed shape to block out as much light as possible.

Soft and smooth, silk prevents damage, wrinkles and creasing across your face by allowing the skin to glide gently across the surface rather than pulling or tugging against the fibres.

Silk contains 18 amino acids that naturally complement your skin care regime, helping to counter the effects of ageing and preserve moisture in the skin. Naturally hydrating, silk helps delicate facial skin retain its moisture, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.