Pet Shampoo Soap

Caim & Able



MOQ: $150


No more synthetic chemicals or fillers means no more itchy, uncomfortable coats on our furry best friends. Pure and Natural Ingredients, and Zero Waste.

Using only natural plant oils such as extra virgin olive oil coconut oil and neem oil, this solid pet shampoo bar is gentle and leaves our fur friends coat soft and shiny. Lavender and tea tree essential oils.
Rub a small amount of the dog soap into your hands with water to work up a lather and apply all over your dog’s wet coat. Rinse. Repeat. As a shampoo bar with plenty of moisturising oils, you’ll only need a smattering to go a long way.

Because it’s solid dog shampoo , it’s not watered down. It’s concentrated – better for the environment – better for your wallet – better for your dog. No conditioner needed. The rich plant oils in our dog soap are enough to condition your dog’s coat leaving their fur soft, healthy and clean.

Use directly on the coat or cut a small piece off, place in a spray bottle with hot water and shake to dissolve for liquid shampoo.

All our products are delicately handmade and suitable for use on our beautiful fur friends. If any allergy, irritation or sensitiveness occurs, please do not continue to use.
Avoid contact with your dog's eyes, if contact with eyes occurs rinse thoroughly with clean water.
After use, Let soap sit in a well drained soap holder.

Each Bar weighs Approx. 130g