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At the heart of our range is a classic ingredient, Lanolin, whose moisturizing and healing properties have stood the test of time.

We were inspired to develop the Lucamar skin care range, which continues to provide my skin with an invaluable protective barrier. I am delighted to now share its healing benefits with you.

We use all natural and organic ingredients in our products, which are tested only on humans. We strive for excellence and purity in their manufacture. So we are not only passionate about our products, we have great confidence in presenting them to you.
The recyclable, Australian-character packaging adds an endearing twist to these wonderful products! So they make a fabulous gift as well as enjoying them as part of your life.

Want to connect with Lucamar to learn more before you order? Just leave us a message in the chat and we’ll set this up for you.

Wholesale discount from RRP: 50%

MOQ: $250

Price range: $$

Ships from: Australia

Brand Values: Proudly Owned and Made in Australia, Handmade

Type of orders: Ready stock

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