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Our mission is to create the best possible experience for our clients through exploring better ways of sustainability, further ways of functionality and longer lasting products. The perfect tool for the modern explorer like you are.

We design and test our backpacks in Barcelona since late 2012. We believe in your project that's why we design accessories for the real city adventurer, inspired by the spirit of the mountaineers and from the 40’s and 50’s.

We strongly believe we, as part of this planet, need to do our best to keep it safe. This is how we help:

- Small productions

- High quality products

- Durable and timeless designs

- Fair conditions

- Search for sustainable materials

- 100% Sustainable packaging

Want to connect with Olend to learn more before you order? Just leave us a message in the chat and we’ll set this up for you.

Wholesale discount from RRP: 50%

MOQ: $250 

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Ships from: Spain or Portugal

Brand Values: Spain or Portugal Made

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