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Sass & Roots was founded in 2021 by sisters Rhiannon and Talia. Both bringing their sass and style, boho and country western. Sass & Roots is about bringing beautiful high quality handmade hair accessories in a fun new way! Not only is each scrunchie handmade with beautiful handpicked premium fabrics but they are also made to make you feel and look your best! Each handmade scrunchie is made with thick elastics and large amount of fabric to ensure that your hair is protected and not damaged unlike small hair ties and cheaply made accessories. Each scrunchie can comfortably wrap around your hair twice making sure that you stay looking fabulous all day! 

Sass & Roots also offer an eclectic range of beautiful large matte hair claw clip and oversized hair clips. Each beautiful product is handpicked to bring a fun and exciting range of products to your everyday wear! 
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