Hazelnut Oil & Cocoa | THE ALL ROUNDER 150g

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Another versatile scrub, our Hazelnut oil & Cocoa blend is designed to provide you with all the anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits of cocoa combined with hydrating, collagen boosting Spanish cold-pressed hazelnut oil, we know you're gonna love this one!

Here's some of the reasons your body will love our Hazelnut oil & Cocoa blend:

  • Hazelnut oil is high in naturally occuring Vitamin E
  • Hydrates, moisturises and firms your skin for a youthful glow 
  • High in powerful anti-oxidants that smooth dry skin 
  • Cocoa can reduce the appearance of pores if used on the face
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • May help to reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • The coffee in our Hazelnut & Cocoa scrub is ground to the same size as our face scrubs, making it suitable for use on both your face and body!

Suitable for dry, normal and mature skin.  VEGAN friendly!

Use 2-3 times per week for best results.  As always, we recommend to spot test before use.

Model: Ksenia Cosmo @kseniacosmotalent

Ingredients: Ground coffee, white sugar, raw organic cocoa powder, 100% Pure Spanish cold-pressed Hazelnut oil.

ALLERGENS: Coffee, hazelnut