Caim & Able



MOQ: $150


This is the ultimate skincare product. Carefully formulated to hydrate and replenish. With essential vitamins and minerals to restore the vitality of your skin.

The kit comes with three unique clay blends that are constantly changing, current blends are;

  1. HIBISCUS + DAVIDSON PLUM + PINK CLAY - total rejuvenation "natures botox"
  2. DEEP DIVE DETOX - the name says it all
  3. NOURISH + REPAIR - Say goodbye to dry, dull skin

Complete with a stunning ceramic mixing bowl or palette and an organic bamboo spoon.

Our Clay Masks come in powder form, the benefit is that we do not have to add preservatives and the shelf life is exponentially longer than a pre-constituted wet mask (which often contain unsavory and/or skin-agitating preservatives).