New Moon Ritual Candle

Inner Light Collective



MOQ: $250



At this new moon, plant a seed for the universe to tend
Set your vision upon the stars
This New Moon Ritual Candle was created with loving intention. Intentions to support you in your Manifestation Ritual. 
The New moon energy is a potent energy of Manifestation, sowing the seed, calling in what it is you want to flourish and grow. 
Lunar energy is strong. It is powerful and the New Moon energy is one for welcoming in new opportunities. 
This candle is intended to be used on the New Moon in your own personal unique ritual. 
Lighting this candle beneath the New Moon with your Intentions, desires and wishes either written out or in your mind, speak them out to the Moon. Opening a channel of energy to call in the magic you wish to receive. 
What is it you are wanting more of?
What do you want to Manifest?
Be very specific as the energy around what you are calling in is stronger if you have total clarity of what it is you are calling forth.
Close your eyes and visualise it as if it is already here. As if you are already receiving what it is you desire. 
See it. Feel it. Hear it. Embody it.