MOQ: $570


Profile: Citrus. Heighten your senses with the spirited scents of lemon and lime which serve to inspire your mood and promote well-being and emotional balance.
Patience is balanced with sweet hints of mandarin to soften and settle your feelings to restore calm and control. It invites deeper trust, clarity and concentration into your life for your daily practice.

May using this oil, remind you of your Practice of Patience throughout your day. Patience is our conscious effort to accept difficulties and annoyances in life without rushing or getting angry and upset. In each of life’s moments, is purpose and a gifted opportunity for choice and control. Cultivating patience allows us to calmly ride out life’s ups and downs. It is a practice of self-compassion, a way of taking care of ourselves and restoring our emotional balance.

Massage Patience with its Tiger’s Eye gemstone ball onto your wrists, temples, neck and body whenever you want to invoke a sense of wellbeing or ease tension. Mirosuna Oils are blended thoughtfully and with a good conscience. They are:

· 100% Natural
· Not tested on animals
· Australia Vegan Certified
· Made in Melbourne, Australia
· Cold-pressed and steam distilled
· Unadulterated! Meaning they are pure with no inferior substances added
· Quality tested and manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and certified organic regulations
· Clear of harmful ingredients. Free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulphates, nuts, palm oil, gluten and petrochemicals

Directions for Use
· Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight
· Avoid contact with eyes and face. Rinse immediately if contact occurs
· We recommend patch testing before use
· If irritation occurs, rinse immediately and discontinue use
· For external use only
· Children and pregnant women should take caution when using aromatherapy
· If you have any concerns, please seek medical advice and consult a registered health practitioner prior to use