PRO Clean  Shoe Sneaker wipes -Universal

Pro Care



MOQ: $250

Sneaker cleaning wipes are dual textures wipes which are dipped in a strong cleaning agent and it cleans tough stains on your sneaker shoes easily. The wipes have two surfaces form side is for general cleaning, textured side is for deep cleaning. It can be used on Shoes, Jackets, Bags, Belt, Car seat, sofa etc. The box contains pack of 20 individually packed wipes.
Directions to use: Use on clean and dry feet. Turn on the device by rotating the 0 1 2 button counter-clockwise. Choose the desired speed. Gently press the roller on the callus/corn/hard skin and rotate (back and forth or
side to side) area for 2-3 seconds. Stop, check and repeat till you achieve desired softness.