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This beautiful solid perfume will transport you into the high vibrational realm of true Rose essential oil.

Rose offers a reconnection to pure love and work as a vibrational salve for the heart. She is here to help unlock, release and facilitate the healing of residual stories and trauma from the past. To open us to a remembrance of the way of the Rose, the path of beauty, truth, and love, of divine feminine wisdom, inner mastery, and ultimate union with self. ??

ROSE Solid Perfume is your vibrational support into the realm of the heart. ??

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It is known to heal all matters related to the heart ?? Together with Geranium, they make a beautiful healing duo to release anger and lack of trust from our hearts. ??

Recyclable tins 10g. Come in a beautiful linen pouch. Ingredients: Certified organic Jojoba, certified organic bee wax, Rose essential oil, and Geranium essential oil.

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