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Once drawn into our inner garden by the bright, spicy, and deeply floral notes of Carnation, we are uplifted to higher realms as gladness enters our hearts and soul. Jasmine, alluring and romantic, with its rich and sultry aromas, lulls us into a deeply relaxed state, allowing us to ride the waves of our emotional tides, revealing our heart’s wishes and desires to the light. The desert evening winds bring with them the warming scents of Black pepper and Cistus flowers, inspiring fearlessness and motivation to hold onto our dreams.

Continuing on our intimate journey, the oriental notes of Saffron, bittersweet and leathery, unveil for us the mysteries of the universe, giving us access to deep esoteric concepts. With its sweet tartness, red mandarin reminds us to focus on the beauty contained in the simple moments.

Finally, Tonka beans bring us back into our own hearts with their dark, sweet, comforting notes. Hay adds suave, jam-like undertones like that of fig preserves—a smell of liquid summer sunlight.

Red Jasper stimulates passion in one’s creative world, helping manifest new ideas and supplying the energy to continue a project even after the initial excitement has dwindled. It opens you up to the infinite possibilities of creativity within your own mind.

Turquoise stones open the throat chakra, helping us to speak our truth.

RUMI comes in a 10ml glass roll-on with its cotton pouch and product description card.

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