Skincare Mask Vegan Brush

Caim & Able



MOQ: $150


Some makeup brush brands claim to be “cruelty-free” yet use natural animal hair bristles for their brushes. Although companies claim this process is done in a cruelty-free manner and the animals are not harmed, we do not support the practice of taking an animals’ fur in order to make makeup brushes.

Every Caim & Able product is 100% vegan, including our clay brushes which are ideal to use with the Australian Clay Mask blends. Use to smoosh the mask over your lovely face

Its soft bristles provide even application and doesn't absorb products – so you’ll use less with each ritual.

The gentle, tapered bristles are long lasting and easy to wash. Materials: bamboo handle vegan friendly bristles

If you are looking for good quality products that work and don't cost the earth Happy Skincare is the brand for you.