Organic Sleep Mist & Organic Roll on Duo Pack

Organic Sleep Mist & Organic Roll on Duo Pack

Sleep Rituals



MOQ: $250

Duo Pack of Sleep Mist 50ml and Roll on 10ml. Save $5 \n \nSleep Rituals Deep Sleep Sleep Mist - Our Signature sleep mist is formulated with the purest & finest quality organic ingredients with powerful blend of soothing chamomile and calming lavender. Lavender is soothing and calming to the senses and assists with relaxation before bedtime. Chamomile is restorative and soothing for both for mind, body and soul. Geranium is renowned for its balancing effect and is proven to relieve nervous tension and stress. Sweet orange has uplifting and worry-reducing properties making it an ideal combination relaxant. \n \nSleep Rituals Deep Sleep Roll on - To prepare your body and mind for restful sleep, engage in a bedtime routine using our roll on deep sleep blend made with high quality organic oils and natural blend formulation. This blend helps to calm your mind, body and soul promoting total relaxation. Ensure to use daily to realise full benefits. \n \nContents: \n \n1 x Deep Sleep Sleep mist 50 ml \n \n1 x Deep Sleep Roll on 10ml